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What's Hang? 

Hang is a mobile app that aims to solve the problem of loneliness and FOMO (Fear of missing out) geared towards users in new cities who have a hard time doing things alone such as lunches, concerts, or hikes. Hang connects to the users calendar and finds matches based on specific activities and schedule availablity.


Moving to a new city can be difficult with over 40 million people move over 500 miles or more, everyday — that's numerous lives being uprooted. Thus people find it harder to find roots in their locale. People new to cities struggle to familiarize themselves with their neighborhood and make connections with people in their community. 86% people who move to new cities do not admit that they are lonely and struggling with the change, further creating a cycle of silence and lack of human connection. 

Microanimations made in Framer.js and Hype

Microanimations made in Framer.js and Hype

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

This is a new nonnegotiable: to feel safe, you have to be connected.
— Alone Together by Sherry Turkle
We thought what made people attached to a place was things like great schools or responsive government, but it was more squishy factors: aesthetics, social offerings, and openness. You think a place is beautiful, it has things to do, and people to do it with, and they’re open to new ideas.
— The Knight Foundation
I wanted to put down roots for me and my kids—ages 5 and 10 at the time. I realized I needed to figure out how to do that. That’s how I started to learn about place attachment — the ‘no-place-like-home’ feeling.
— This Is Where You Belong by Melody Warnick
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I wanted Hang to be an intelligent and empathetic application that helps the user find likeminded friends to do certain activities with. Thus, I wanted the user experience to guide the user through simple decisions with fewer options. 

This is part if the brainstorming and sketching stages — this is where I explore various ways to solve the problem, push the boundaries by questioning what is integral to the solution and think of questions to gather data on.

User Flow

User Flow

User flow for main function of the product — Finding someone to do X activity with. I mapped out the user flow to see if the core function was straightforward, seamless and cohesive with my goal to make it intelligent and empathetic.

User Research Feedback:

"Too many options is confusing and overwhelming, I usually end up going with one of the first options" — Female, 25

"It's kinda awkward and monotonous to ask a random person about their interests and actually give a shit" — Male, 21

"When I was new here [NYC] I kinda just wanted to do anything fun with anyone without that weirdness of it being a date or something" — Female, 22

"I don't end up doing anything cause I hate making plans and doing the whole 'when are you free?' process and finding a common time. That too in New's a mess!" —  Male, 27

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