Meher Goel
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Zola Wedding


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Zola Weddings acts as a virtual wedding planner for couples by holding their hand through the entire planning, organizing, inviting and celebrating process and even after their big day.

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All business, marketing and product decisions at Zola are data driven which frames the guidelines of design decisions regarding features and user flows. As a Junior UX/UI designer and design lead, I worked on the user flows, wire framing and user research for these 3 main features:

Dashboard helps couples stay organized by highlighting the bigger tasks and tracking progress on wedding planning

Websites gives users over 20 templates of beautiful and seamless web and mobile experiences to host their websites on with all wedding related information from galleries, travel info, love story to RSVP's, registry and more custom fields. 

Checklist gives couples a pre-made checklist of items needed for their wedding with the ability to edit, check-off and assign to co-organizers.

Today, Zola Weddings hosts over 10,000+ couples and will do anything for love. 

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